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 Years of Experience

Tibbel's family established Tibbels Marina in 1921.Tibbels' enjoy a healthy repeat business. The fleet consists of four vessels with capacity of up to 19 people and two 6-pack vessel. All are guided by USCG licensed captains with 120 years of combined experience. Except for inclimate weather, fishing trips with Tibbels occur twice daily during the summer.




         6 Pack Charters 

 $810 for 6 people or less:

Includes: Bait, Ice, Tackle.

         Private Group           Charters

$850 for 10 people or less: $60 each extra (Max 15 people). Includes ice and bait.

     Walk-On Fishing      Charters

Walk-On Service: $85/person

Includes Bait & Ice.

* License, tackle, pole rentals, snacks available in on site bait shop.



Our Fishing Destinations

Among the Great Lakes, Lake Erie stands the mightiest in the realm of sport fishing. It is in the western basin of the lake where the popularity of this sport really shines. As a result, a plethora of marinas and fishing charters cluster along the shoreline providing sport fishing to millions every year. One of these businesses is Tibbles Fishing Charters. This is a long-time, family owned and operated fishing charter service on Lake Erie near Port Clinton that has provided many with great authentic fishing experiences across the years.

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